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Siding Installations
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M & M Custom Design can help you enhance the look and value of your home with  fiber cement siding. Our experts will ensure your sidings are installed and repair professionally to give you Peace of Mind long after the job is done. One competitive price covers everything from siding materials to installation to the clean up of the job site.

With M & M Custom Design, you know the work is being performed to the highest standards and you are working with only highly trained professionals. With our “Attention to Details” philosophy in every step of the siding installation, we deliver a quality job that is second to none in our industry.

 What does M & M Custom Design offer?


siding installation atlanta

Thinking about upgrading your Atlanta home? You’ve got three awesome choices – vinyl , wood and Fiber Cement Siding siding! Vinyl siding is like magic for your house– it’s easy to take care of, comes in lots of colors, and won’t break the bank.

On the other hand, wood siding is all about that classic, cozy feel.It’s super versatile and makes your home feel warm and welcoming. Not sure how to get started? We’ve got your back! Let’s make your house the talk of the town!


Fiber cement siding tends to last the longest due to its durability and resistance to various elements. Brick siding is also a durable option with a long lifespan. Proper installation and maintenance contribute significantly to the longevity of any siding material.

Insulated vinyl siding is super good at saving energy. It has a special layer that keeps your home cozy by controlling the temperature inside. This helps you use less energy for heating or cooling, making it a smart and efficient choice for your house.

To install vinyl siding, start by preparing the surface and attaching starter strips. Hang panels from the bottom, ensuring a secure fit, and trim as needed around openings. Finish by adding accessories and overlapping joints for a weather-tight and polished installation.